Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Training So far!

Sunday 3rd February

Family bike ride. My two year old also wants to ride his bike so the decision is made that I will run and walk with him and Tony and JJ ride their bikes.

Seems good except when HP, my crazy two year old, can go faster on a balance bike then I can run.....not a good start but alas a start.

Monday 4th February

Email arrives...ok ssshhhh... I need to start training or plan on how to get out of this one.

Today's training......I did head training today.....yes of no real use at all. You would think I would know better as this time last year I was training for coastrek and stupidly had been talked into walking 100kms. After I had finished this I did make the comment that I would rather donate my eyes to Fred Hollows then walk 100km for his cause......

And yes I am once again doing a walk...what am I thinking?

Wednesday 6th February

Get up at 5:30am and meet a friend (skinny, and fit) at 6am. My friend runs to my place and then we begin to walk down hills and run up the next lot of hills. It takes me back to swimming days when the swimming coach referred to my sister's swimming style as a Mercedes and mine similar to that of a mini minor. Here again as I run next to well behind, the Mercedes and I am more like a ....

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