Saturday, 9 February 2013

Doing it

Talked myself into getting up this morning to do a training session by myself.

Yep! I can do this it is all good! Beautiful morning my legs are working and then there is the first hill to run! I am not sure what it is all about but I am negotiating with myself just keep going until you reach the silver car......getting closer to mind Oh I really meant the red car. Why do I do this? 

In my rundown state, I did eventually make it up each hill (not running a bit of a mixture and not every hill...again negotiating with myself) but I did it. The worst thing as I was walking/ shuffling along was when a man aged 70 ran easily past me.... well that may be a lie he was probably older then that, I just was panting too much and he was hard to recognise as he flew past me!

I think I would much rather be sitting at the cafes eating breakfast....but alas I did make it. Even after the seagulls were circling me like vultures maybe thinking that I would fall down anytime soon as I ran up and down the sets of stairs down by the water front....

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