Friday, 22 February 2013

It's raining!

This morning as I woke up to the rain it brought memories back about the 100km we completed last year and the 50km we had done in the blue Mountains the year before. The next thought was this time next week we will be finished the coast trek. So what will the weather be like next week? Will I make it this time? In a panic yesterday I did ring my sister and told her that I don't think that I have done nearly enough training and that I may not this time finish. I really need to work on my head space and think I can do this. Today I need to get all my gear out and check what I need to get. Walking sticks will be my saviour on the stairs and the beach so I need to remember where I put these vital instruments.... Vaseline have I got enough and my magic blister stop spray. Oh and I should go for a walk and some hill sprints! that is definitely what I need. OK I have looked up the 7 day forecast....and yes it looks like rain. It is also forecast for rain for the next week, so even if it doesn't rain during the actual event the ground will be soggy! Thank goodness we aren't doing the whole 100km. Last time as we walked through bush at night time it was too hard to see where you were walking as a result we sank into a lot of muddy puddles! So keep tuned!

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