Adventure Two 100km Trek

So yes the craziest one yet....100km from Palm Beach to Coogee Beach. This one was the hardest thing that I have ever done. It was an early start and we stayed at a nearby pub the Newport Arms . I had a great sleep with the ear plugs that hubby had armed me with it....the other flying foxes didn't fair as well. Apparently at midnight there were quite a few drunk people (unusual for a pub!!)were happily singing Happy Birthday to someone. Poor girls didn't get much sleep. Anyway we go up at 5am and went to the van van we had hired to help us get over the line. We ate scrumptious Bircher Muesli and we were on our way. At the start it was cool and lots and lots of people. Not being the tallest of people I always find this a struggle- I like to see where I am going! We eventually got on our way along the beach towards the narrow single fileu up the hill. Eventually the crowd divided out. For most of the first 50km it rained. This didn't bother us as we seem to attract the rain when we get together for a walk! All was going well and I was answering a text from my husband who was asking how we were going and asking if I needed any dry clothes. As I pressed send an P plater swerved into the bus lane and back out again. I screamed as a huge puddle was sprayed all over me! Not happy I was wet from the waist down. My squeal must have been loud as everyone turned around! Lucky for the Man in the Van. Thank goodness we hired a van as I was able to do a quick change of socks and I was no longer slopping along. Narabeen beach was one of the hardest parts of the trip, soft sand that seemed to go on forever! Then there are the never ending stairs after the 50km mark where everyone is saying well done and your mind is going lots of people may have finished but there is still 50km to go. At the 75km mark I looked at my team mates, who at this time were unable to speak and I thought bloody hell we have made it this far we are not stopping now. When we got to the 90km mark I looked at the van and thought I could just get in and no one will know that I didn't make it all the way because lets face it 90km is bloody good! But no Kate told me to suck it up and finish as there wasn't much more to go. I think however it was the longest 10km we had walked we were pooped! Our husbands took it in turns to walk with us to keep our spirits up and get us over the finish line so that we were able to accomplish what we had set out to do. If it wasn't for them I don't think we would have anything left in the tank to walk the last 20km! Thanks Tony and Man in the Van. Eventually we made it to the finish line at the top end of Coogee. Tony drove the van onto the reserve to pick us up as there was no way I was going to be able to walk another step....I was a very tired little girl. But I did it I walked 100km and had to suck it up.....and never again will I have to do it as it is well and truly ticked off the list! Below are some pictures of our training sessions....a pity we didn't get a picture of the man in the van who became famous on the journey to all the other teams. They were very jealous especially at the point where we soaked our feet at one of the stops before continuing. Fresh socks, happy feet, more vaseline and blister spray!

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