Saturday, 16 February 2013

No Hills Today

Liz and I meet yesterday morning at a reasonable hour for a change at her house. During the week I had recieved an email from one of my fabulous Flying Foxes team mates to say that it had been recommended to start tapering the training and not to go too hard.....not sure if they have seen my training I think it may be best to keep moving! We decided to take it a bit easy and do the Bay walk. I decided to listen to the advice of the really had nothing to do with the wine that was consumed the night before. It was very nice to just walk without having to do any running. Liz is also great to go with because she walks fast, so technically I am jogging?? maybe not. The thing however I don't like about the bay walk is how rude people can be. Is it not the unwritten rule to stay to your left.....not be three people across a small walking path! At one of the narrow parts of the walk where it is only one person can go through or you are on the road. A really rude woman who was running past the same way us, pushed past us and nearly collided with a dad and his two kids who were on scooters. I stopped and let them through he said thanks after he had rolled his eyes. Seriously did that lady think the kids should go on the road to let her past! Anyway my job today is getting all the things ready that I will need to prevent blisters! After our last walk (the 100kms)I didn't get any blisters, unlike my team mates. I did however have a black toe for at least 6 months! Not pretty. Therefore I need to make sure I have all the necessities- the right socks, lots of vaseline and a spray that prevents blisters by putting a waterproof layer on it. More on all that later.

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