Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Suck it Up Princess

Yes this is what I was thinking this morning when my alarm went off at 5:15am. Pitch black outside, maybe even a pitter patter of rain.

Suck it Up Princess is what I said to that little voice in my head. I even ignored it as I thought I could just sleep a little longer....what made me get up was the fact that I had arranged to meet my friend Liz. I don't think she would be impressed with me if she was left standing in the pitch black of the morning on a street corner...

Anyway so up I got dressed all the time thinking in my head, it's all good I will am a lot fitter then when I started this mad escapade. I had visions of me running all the way to where we planned to meet.

So out the door I went and began my run/ shuffle/ unknown thing I do. All good. Then I just think to myself when you can run do you feel this pain and feeling like, if I keep going will my body fall into 100 pieces onto the ground??? or do they just suck up the pain/ discomfort and just get on with it.. or do you simply not even feel pain.

Maybe genetically I am incapable of running just like I am genetically incapable of peeing standing up without complete disaster. Whatever the story I walked for a bit and then thought I would run up the first hill I came to as I thought it would take Liz a bit longer to get to our meeting spot. Not because I am by any stretch of the imagination quicker but live a lot closer.

As I neared our meeting spot I could see her dark figure in the distance, damn she had beaten me. I did then find out that she had been there since 5:30am and had already run up and down the killer of a hill we had choosen. Oops I left at 5;30am. But on the bright side she had done one extra hill sprint then me!

We walked around the block till we got to the hill that we had, well I stupidly had chosen. Once again positive speak yes I can do this...suck it up princess don't over think it.....

I of course didn't make it to the top running but I did do a better job then I had the week before. Liz sailed ahead and even ran back nearer the top to meet me and together run to the top. I stopped 4 times from bottom to top. The second time we did the hill I only stopped two (maybe 3 none the less still an improvement in my mind)

In my mind now I know I can walk (thank goodness wont have to run any of the 50km) the majority of the event and hope that this pain of running will put me in better steads then when I started!

My next plan is training on soft sand as very painful memories of Narabeen beach take over my dreams. This part of the walk starts at the 19.5 km mark. Below are the instructions for this part of the walk.....

11. CHECKPOINT 5: North Narrabeen. The checkpoint is attached to the fence on your right in front of the surf club.

12. Suck it up, and walk along sand down Narrabeen Beach (Narrabeen and

Collaroy Beach are compulsory sand walking beaches) all the way south to Collaroy (after all, it is Coastrek!!!).

It may only be 3km however it is 3km of sheer hell. Walking in soft sand is equivalent to walking twice that!

I just have to remember that by me walking and by people sponsoring me I will help save the eyesight of a lot of people for a mere $25! Amazing really

So I will just have to Suck it Up Princess....stay tuned!

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