1st Adventure May 2011

Thought I would upload some pictures from my other adventures with my crazy team mates- The Flying Foxes....and then you will ask the question why go back for more????

The first adventure....2011 Wild Endurance...100km Relay team event

So how did I come to say yes to such an event.....well I will say it was a very weak moment. I remember sitting in my front room feeding my then 7 month old little monkey when my sister rang mid way through 2010. She started the conversation about how I needed to make some goals in my life. I stopped her there and promptly asked if she was trying to sell me Amway.  No not Amway but a 50km walk.....I will put it down to being completely sleep deprived and not game to say no to my big sister. And so the craziness began.

I was then introduced to the other nutters who had also said yes to such a crazy idea. From training sessions in the Blue Mountains I found out that these crazy ideas were borne out of too many hours of them together with vino in hand....

Every time we trained in the Blue Mountains it rained...we should have probably taken this and the leeches an omen...

We did however complete it in the pouring rain. Below are some photos of the trek. It was a grueling trek as the rain made some parts of the walk like waterfalls. At one stage we held onto a rope that took us around the cliff face. Not the best thing.....and lots and lots of stairs!! Overall though I did make it and it was exhilaration to do so. 

Climbing using hands for parts of the track
Excitement to see this milestone...only 30km to go
Trying to work out the best spot to place my boots

Sunshine! Yay! and more mud!
Yay! finish line...very muddy and ready for bed.
Relay finished!!

Battle sores- blisters not on my feet but were my t-shirt was rubbing on my arm and  I also had some where my bra rubbed. It was bloody sore!
My boots used to be blue! I even found a leech...YUCK!

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