Monday, 25 February 2013

Last Chance Training!

So on Saturday it rained and it rained and it rained! Perfect for training!?!....well seeings as evertime we do a walk it has rained what is a little bit of rain when I am training. Anyway this little princess decided that she needed to go anyway. There wasn't much rain when I first started my shuffle/ walk....but there was a lot of wind. Then the rain did get heavier.

Just suck it up I kept saying to myself. I even kept going when a branch hit me in the head (well it was just some leaves!) I still can't run all the way up the hills but I would get half way and then walk a few steps and run again. So progress...just not what I was looking for. I think I must look like one of those cartoon characters that has their legs spinning around but they aren't moving! The rain was starting to annoy me. The pelicans and seagulls were even trying to hide their heads as far as they could. I was ready to give up but then it stopped. It was then I realised what a beautiful place I live in and how lucky I am to be here. As I attempted to run along the waterfront I decided to take a moment and do some lunges. The chair I was near had a dedication to Nola who walked along the waterfront every day. I took some time to stop and look out onto the water.

The best part was the stillness and it was so quiet (proberly because no one else was silly enough to be out in such crazy weather). I made it back home to a shower and the mad witching hour!! On Sunday I decided that I should look at my gear. I found my gators which is good as they will keep out that sand along the beach from hell! I did find all the girls ones too oops! Then off to the chemist to stock up on blister packs, blister spray and chaffing cream.

The last walk we did I was the only one that didn't get blisters but did have chaffing where my pack rubbed. So am going to trial some chaffing cream so will let you know how I go. I chose 3B Action Cream...because of the ad. From experience the only blister plasters to have are COMPEED® Blister They stay on unlike some of the cheaper ones. This link will also give some good advice on how to prevent blisters. The other pointer is to wear wicking tops so that you aren't completely soaked. Your socks also need to be mainly wool as sythetic socks will rub and the friction will cause blisters! If only I knew more about the exercise part!! 4 Sleeps to go!

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