Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Is 3 weeks of training enough?

So the question is did I survive? The short answer is there is no short answer and it is how you look at it.

As I sat on the couch and started typing this post almost a week after the walk my toes were swollen and throbbing along with my heal and ankles.... Thankfully however, the preparation of my feet has meant that I have no blisters and am able to walk!

It is now almost two weeks since the walk and I would say I am great. My feet are no longer swollen and my legs are not aching!

So how did the walk go....well the weather was diabolical. The weather began with rain and our feet were wet for the whole 50km. The majority of beaches were closed not only for swimming but also for walking on. The only plus to this was that I didn't have to walk along Narrabeen beach...the part of the walk that I was dreading the most!

The ladies I walked with amazing and kept me going for the whole 50kms. Even through the stages when the wind was so powerful that I felt that I was walking on only one leg as the wind had practically toppled me over! The rain pelted at the side of my face at times like someone was pelting rice at high speed! Ouch!

When we eventually made it to the 25km mark we were hoping and praying that maybe the weather would be bad enough to cancel the it wasn't.

After a socks and shoe change, clothes change (it was like taking off wet swimmers)and some yummy chicken and avocado sandwiches, we were off again. The fuel in our bellies and the 73 people who had sponsored us over $4000 made us soldier on to finish the task we had set for ourselves.

After the 25km stop we were all very happy to have dry socks and shoes on. This however lasted only 1km as we waited for a light change, a bus splashed water from their lane causing us to be once again in wet socks.

We eventually finished the walk and were all very glad that we weren't this year doing the full 100km. Below are some photos that I took on our way. There weren't many as the weather for the majority of time was too bad to take photos...

This woman was ahead of us at the start of the walk. The walk begins along Palm Beach and about 500m there is a section where everyone has to in single file walk up a set of stairs. Normally this would take 5 minutes. This took us half an hour....not happy Jan! The reason for this was not clear until we got to this section where you can see this woman infront of me. She was trying to dodge the puddles- Really? It is pouring rain there is no stopping getting wet. I wanted to say to her Suck it UP Princess you haven't even done 1km yet!

This woman had also handed over her backpack that had her shoes in it to her team mates as she had a bad back???? As soon as we could we got past this woman as I do not believe I was able to listen to her winge any longer. If you can't carry your own back pack 500m into the walk how are you going to walk 49 and half kms?

The rest of the photos show the signs up on the beaches. One of the pictures attempts to show the drop of the sand which was taller then me!

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